Saturday, August 23, 2008

African Marketplace & Cultural Affair

The African Marketplace & Cultural Affair is a three week-end event that began the weekend of August 16th, is currently happening this weekend, and will end the weekend of August 30 and 31st plus September 1, 2008. I wish I could cut and paste the information regarding the wide variety of different music from Nigeria, Fiji, Senegal, Ethiopia and more that will take place on seven stages. There is plenty to see, plenty to shop for, beautiful hand-crafted and hand-carved items, and plenty to eat.

I only made a pit stop on my way somewhere else but I wish I could have stayed to hear the music. I did purchase a couple of things and my eyes feasted on all of the wonderful items for sale.

Looking for something to do? Check it out!!

Location: Rancho Cienega Park at Rodeo Dr. just west of La Brea in Los Angeles, California.

Hosted by: African Marketplace, Inc..

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JeFf &NoVa said...

hmmmm.those arts thingy looks like antiques... they are amazing...

as for your comment:
in order for you not to be that much conscious about your page rank? it would be better that you'll stay it unknown... ahahaha.. believe me, i wish i never knew about it...