Wednesday, June 4, 2008


When I visited the Santa Monica Pier I basically went down the street to visit Venice Beach. It is only a hop, skip and a jump east of Santa Monica.

Venice Beach is quite an adventure. If you're going to go I suggest heading out early because it can get quite crowded and finding parking is a zoo. I tried to vist Venice Beach about a month ago and was stuck probably 10 minutes getting down one block. This time I went during the week and parking was wonderful BUT some of the little stores were closed and it didn't offer the same variety or volume of people and things to see.

You'll find the touristy type of things to buy (t-shirts, beach clothing, trinkets, jewelry, sunglasses and some art), entertainers hoping you'll leave a tip or two. You can get a henna tattoo at several places along your walk, maybe watch or join a game of basketball, maybe the muscle builders are still there showing off their pecks in their own little corner. Or maybe you'll rent a bike or take your skates and get a little exercise as well.

Stroll the walkway of entertainment or venture across to the beach and enjoy the ocean view, maybe take a dip after passing the grafitti covered statues before you reach the sand. Venice Beach is definitely not just your average beach.


Tom said...


wow i love the pics on your site - coming from Scotland myself, I am naturally attracted to any pictures with sunshine..... i do miss sunshine lol

And I take it your a Christian? This is the first Christian Blog I have found. Phil 4:3 is one of my favourite verses. That and 1 Cor 5:17.... but thats everyone fav lol

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2sweetnsaxy said...

Hi Tom. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed your visit and hope you get some sunshine soon. I'll definitely come by and take a look at your blog! :-)