Thursday, June 19, 2008


My latest little trip was to the Petersen Automotive Museum. I actually found out about this place from my sister who went with her son (my nephew) and her grandson. My great nephew loves car so he had a great time. I thought I would go and check this place out for myself. Besides, I love taking photos and I thought these classic beauties would make for some great pictures. I neither wrong or disappointed and highly recommend this little trip.

This exhibit lasts only through November 2, 2008 so if you have an interest in seeing some of the beautiful classics I'll be posting, make sure you plan to go before then.

Anyone familiar who has been in L.A. a good little while will know where this is located when I say it's located in the old Orbach's building on Wilshire and Fairfax.

The cars are absolutely beautiful! They even have some classic motorcyles for the bike fans and a Hot Wheels section including many little hot wheels on display and this life sized one:


survivor said...

I love antique cars

2sweetnsaxy said...

Survivor - Yeah, aren't they cool?

Andrew DiPalma said...
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2sweetnsaxy said...

Thanks Andrew! I will post information on this. :-)