Saturday, March 8, 2008


The Redondo Beach Pier is some place I used to go a lot when I was much younger. Whenever a friend and I were looking for something to do on the weekend we'd usually jump in a car and take a little trip down the coast to Redondo Beach. I'm sorry to say the pier is not what it used to be and that was evident by how empty it was. If you're looking for some place to eat with definite atmosphere or lots of seafood, I'd definitely suggest taking in the pier. It's got some shopping but nothing at all like it used to be.

They did have one of my favorite stores there even though they moved from the location I remember them being before. The kite store.

I confess - it's one of the reasons why I wanted to go to Redondo Beach. I'd been talking about buying a kite for fun but had not done it yet. I knew I would buy one before I left... and I did. In fact, I bought one for myself and one each for my grand niece and grand nephew. The store is (I think), the Sunshine Kite Company

The Pier has a Kite Festival the 2nd Sunday of March every year. I'd forgotten about it. If I'd know they would be doing the 34th Annual Festival of the Kites tomorrow I would have waited. Part of me really wants to go back tomorrow but the other part really doesn't want to deal with traffic another day. It's tempting. I've been to a couple before and it's something else to see the sky full of so many different kites.

As for the rest of the pier, it is some place to go and parking was only $2.00. I don't know if that was a flat rate or because I wasn't there that long. Again, there's plenty to eat. If you like fishing you can fish off the pier. You can take a boat ride for $15.00, there's the same huge game arcade for anyone who likes games, a few shops and plenty of boats to look at. On top of all that you can enjoy the wonderful sea air.


Shelia said...

I haven't been to the Redondo Beach Pier in I don't know how many years. Is Concerts By The Sea still down there?

I went to Gardena High and a lot of us were at the pier at least weekly. We used to have so much fun there.

Girrrrl, you're taking me back!

2sweetnsaxy said...

I meant to look and see if it was still there but I forgot. I'm pretty sure the building is still there but I don't think it's open. I think they stopped having concerts a long time ago. Too bad.

Shelia said...

"they stopped having concerts a LONG TIME AGO"

LOL, you ain't got to be talkin' 'bout how old I am.

Jennifer said...

Hi - I'm actually writing to inquire about the very first image you used in this post of the pier. Is that a picture you took yourself? or if not - would you mind sharing where you found it? One of my clients is looking for a similar picture (of the Redondo Beach Pier) for their office and is interested in purchasing a high-res version if it's available.

You can reach me at Thanks!


Mitzi76 said...

Concerts By The Sea was in operation 1971-1985. It was a great intimate venue. I caught several shows there. Kimball's East was like it in Oakland, but that's closed now too.

joared said...

Concerts By The Sea -- sadly missed -- great acoustics and jazz.

Anonymous said...

Im from L.A. and remember going to Concerts by the Sea, with boyfriends and girlfriends alike, and on one occasion, saw Mongo Santa Maria jamming there...after the concert, my friend and I went up to talk to Mongo and the band, and were invited to go up to their room to continue the Jam session..Those guys continued playing till probably after we left!!! Great group of guys, and real gentlemen! I will never forget it! Loved Concerts by the Sea!GREAT MEMORIES!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way Sweetnsaxy, you forgot to include "The Lakers" in HOME TO L.A.: just sayin', cause like they bring in ALOT of revenues!!! ya know!