Sunday, March 30, 2008


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With all of the pictures I took I completely forgot to take one of the front entrance so I borrowed one from the Los Angeles Zoo website.

I don't think I've been to the Los Angeles Zoo since I was in high school on a field trip with my Biology class. The reason I specifically remember is that our bus was detained leaving because a couple of the kids broke into one of the vending machines and got caught. Just stupid!

The day was overcast and the mood of the rather cloudy day seemed to live in the animals because they were all either sleeping or lazy.

Some were complete no-shows and reminded me of the first Jurassic Park when they were taking the first tour and none of the animals were around. Thankfully it picked up and even though many were sleeping or lazy, I still got some really great photos.

Rather than do a slide show I put together a video of some of the pics. I hate that I had to leave so many of them out to narrow it down to 10 minutes. All in all, I hope you enjoy it and if nothing else, it makes you feel the need to visit your local zoo.


Shelia said...

Good Morning 2SweetnSaxy!

I haven't been to this site, I love it! Very nice.

I was checking out this post and thought about the fact that I grew up in L.A. and never went to the L.A. Zoo. We always drove down to the San Diego Zoo.

Anyway, love the site, let me go and put it in my favs right now.

Have a wonderful day!

iriegal said...

Hi nice pics and even though some of the animals were sleepy, they were very accommodating to pose


2sweetnsaxy said...

Thank you Shelia! I'm so glad you found it and like it. It's been so much fun re-doing L.A. :-)

2sweetnsaxy said...

Thanks Iriegal! I guess I should be happy they were at least sleeping out where I could take pictures and not hidden somewhere.