Sunday, March 2, 2008


My venture this weekend was to the J. Paul Getty Museum. There are actually two museums, one in Malibu and one in Brentwood. The one in Malibu was opened in 1974 to resemble the Villa of Papyri but was closed for major renovation in 1997 and moved to Brentwood. When the museum in Brentwood was opened I'll never forget what a zoo it was. There were always reports about the masses of people flocking to the new museum. It has since tamed down but it is still really busy and many people wander through the rooms looking at the art, enjoying the outdoors.

There is a tram that will take you from the parking structure up the hill to the museum and it is the only way to get there. Admissions is free, parking was $8.00. It was overcast, cloudy and cold when I went and a heavy mist or drizzle welcomed us when we got off the tram at the top of the hills in Brentwood. I really liked that the museum provided umbrellas to use as you walk between the buildings. In the center between the buildings there is a kiosk that sells coffee, drinks and snacks. There is also a small cafe type cafeteria on the garden level with a large eating area.

There is a large variety of different types of art and I was glad I was allowed to take pictures with the exception of some rooms in which it wasn't allowed. Art has always been a small fascination of mine. I so admire the talent of the artists and the detail that does into the work. This was why I took Art History when I went to U.S.C. It's a wonderful experience to see these art treasures in person, to stand face to face with a Renoir, Millet or Van Gogh painting, admire the color intensity and realize these works of art have lasted so long.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow of the photos I took at the Getty Museum and that is will prompt you to do as I did - visit the Getty when you get a chance. $8.00 for parking is not a bad price at all to pay. I think it's a steal for a day's adventure.

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