Sunday, September 7, 2008

Los Angeles County Fair 2008

The Los Angeles County Fair opened this past Friday, September 5, 2008 and will be open until September 28, 2008. Opening day, admission was only $1.00 so I took advantage of it but believe me, what I save in admission I lost in time just sitting in my car waiting to get to the parking lot. I live down the street from the fairgrounds, not even a mile. It opened at 11:00. I left at 11:10 and it was 12:10 when I pulled up to the gate to pay for parking. Parking - General $10.00 (I think it was $10.00), Preferred $15.00 and V.I.P. $20.00).

Visiting the county fair is what you make of it. There is definitely something there for everyone and how long you stay depends on what you want from it. Usually, because I live so close, I just visit one section where all the vendors and crafters are, so I go shopping and browsing. There are about 4-5 buildings with vendors from front to back and vendors between each building.

This year my visit lasted six hours and all I did was wander around through the 4 buildings/barns of animals snapping pics to my heart's content. Sheep, cows, horses, turkeys, goats, pigs. The little ones can ride a pony or walk around in a pen and pet the little goats and sheep. There are contests, demonstrations and I even had the opportunity to watch a horseback riding game.

After leaving this area my only other interest this trip was the Home & Garden section where in one building were plants, Hawaiian flowers, floral displays and displays of ideal patio settings. Wandering through the green and shady hills are more varieties of plants and flowers and garden/patio displays to dream about or purchase.

Please click here for all information regarding the fair for complete information on all of the things I left out like the horse racing, carnival rides, game booths, food and entertainment including nightly concerts.

L.A. County Fair
Fairplex in Pomona
September 5-28, 2008


Darla said...

Can't pull up the link to join Water Wednesday only your photo will show. Someone's asking me they want to join.

Columbo said...

Looks like fun. I used to go the the LA County fair all the time when I live down there. We just got done with our State Fair up here in Oregon at Labor Day. I will be checking out your sites, and trying Watery Wed next week. Have a great day.

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" appreciates your showing the photo of his cousins at the Los Angeles County Fair! ;-)

Jules said...

Love your post - those pigs are just the cutest!!!!!

Thanks for visiting - nice to meet ya!!!

Gretchen said...

Great photos. Sounds like a lot of fun, except for sitting in a line all that time.