Saturday, March 8, 2008


Over all, my trip this weekend to the beaches turned out to be a bit of a bust. I did get some decent pictures so I can't complain too much but I was disappointed by how much Redondo Beach Pier had changed, traffic after I left the pier was awful and it took me way too long to get down the coast, I couldn't stop at two of the beaches because of traffic and everywhere but the pier was a zoo. So, I'm taking the almost pictureless way of introducing you to the beaches down around L.A. Though these beaches are in different cites, they are all still a part of L.A. County and anyone in L.A. knows or should know where these beaches are.

REDONDO BEACH PIER - See the post below this one.

DOCKWEILER - I drove by it but didn't stop. I used to hit dockweiler beach a lot. I've always loved the beach and ladies, if you don't know the sand is like a natural pumice on your feet.

MARINA DEL REY - Marina del Rey is more about the marina than it is about a beach. It is where most of the boats are docked. Marina del Rey is mostly known for, at least by me, for the restaurants around Admiralty Way. I attended a meet 'n greet in December at The Warehouse. Great place! I drove through Marina del Rey today, thought I'd take some pics of the restaurants but that didn't work out either.

VENICE BEACH - I started to go to Venice Beach but the one street I took toward the parking lot I knew of was backed up and literally inched for four blocks. It would have made for some interesting pics because Venice is always full of interesting things, vendors and people. I was getting a headache from traffic so I opted out.

Cool! I just found a live webcam of Venice beach. Of course there's nothing going on now but check it out during the day. I will.

SANTA MONICA - When I was a kid this is where my family always went. I will always have a fondness for Santa Monica because of the fond memories. I thought I would go the the Santa Monica Pier but decided not to go. By this time I wasn't in the mood for how many people were there. I made a wrong turn and couldn't back out so I wound up having to pay $6.00 to drive through the parking lot which was half occupied by a filming crew's hundreds of trailers. I'm exaggerating...a little.

By now I'd been on the road for three hours and was a little ticked that after all this time I had not yet put my feet in sand or been near the water so I ventured down a packed Pacific Coast Highway and found a strip of the beach past the pier where the parking lot was practically empty. Eureka! My kind of place! I paid $7.00 for parking, parked, took my tennis shoes and socks off, put my earphones in, turned on my IPOD and treked across the sand with my camera.


the donG said...

looks great! i hope you get to visit tghe Philippines so as to see our beaches.

Anonymous said...

Hello. =)
Wow, the pictures you took are simply gorgeous. Those pictures really make me this that kind of weather. I'm from Canada, and so right now, it's like a winter wonderland.
Anyways, great pictures. You're so lucky to live in such a warm weathered city. =)

2sweetnsaxy said...

Dong - Thank you. One of these days I would love to see the beaches in the Philippines!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Jessiica - Thank you so much! I wouldn't mind having a little snow at least once in a while. :-)

roentarre said...

Amazing and wonderful scenery! Beach wonder

2sweetnsaxy said...

Roentarre - Thank you!

Dogon said...

they look so restive i put up chapter 3 from my due to be released next, the novel HER KISS WAS NEVER MINE this fall on my blog today, let me know wha u think pls htp://

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2sweetnsaxy said...

Dogon - Thanks! And I can't wait to check out that chapter!